For proof of origin and communicating your seafood comes from responsibly managed, certified sustainable fisheries, choose Responsible Fisheries Management (RFM) Certification – the program with zero logo license fees.

What is RFM?

RFM is a fisheries certification program covering North American fisheries operating within the U.S. and Canadian 200 nm EEZ. RFM provides an affordable certification choice for customers who want to:

  • Communicate the origin of the certified sustainable seafood
  • Demonstrate proof of sustainable seafood sourcing
  • Lessen the cost burden for all participants in the supply chain and, ultimately, for consumers.

The remit of the RFM Fisheries Standard and Program is:

“To establish and maintain a program that provides for independent third party certification of Responsible Fisheries Management, including enhancement practices (but excluding full cycle aquaculture), up to the point of landing, with the main objective being the biological sustainability of the “stock under consideration”, with consideration for conservation, biodiversity and ecosystem integrity; and due regard to social responsibility and the economic viability of the fishery.”

Key Features of RFM and Fisheries Management


Established, sound structure with expert advisory committees.


Comprehensive engagement procedures at multiple levels.


Open, collaborative and transparent assessment process.


Well-defined appeals and complaints processes ensures unbiased outcome.


Certified seafood that can be traced back through the supply chain.


No logo licensing fees, the RFM Logo is free to use.

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